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Privacy policy

Murakumo understands the importance of privacy protection in society of high technology and communications. Following are the effort we are making to manage it appropiately

Protection of individual information policy

  • We have person in charge of privacy handling, who manages privacy protection appropriately.
  • When collecting personal information, we declare the purpose clearly, using legal and fair mean to collect, and do not use those information for other purpose but the declared purpose.
  • We pay attention carefully in using and offering personal information, and do not offer or disclose any concerned information if there are no proper reasons
  • We store and protect offered information as well as collected information strictly, and take reasonable measure to proctect information from illegal accesses, loss, destruction, alteration or leakage.
  • We control the process strictly when entrusting information processing to outside
  • We observe strictly the laws and the standards of privacy protection
  • We improve maintenance continuosly to operate privacy protection effectively
  • About the privacy protection of other links from this website, we do not have the responsibility to them, therefore, please confirm privacy policy at concern link.

Jan 5, 2011

Murakumo Corporation
President, Makoto Arai.

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