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Fully Scalable Erlang-based Application Framework

Fermium is a web application framework written in the programming language Erlang.


  • Written in the programming language Erlang which is suited for parallel programming and HA.
  • Supports Ajax and Comet. RIA (Rich Internet Application) can be build easliy.
  • Event driven architecture, the events corresponding to the elements in the web can be transparently handled in the framework.
  • Clients have to code screen and event handlers only.
  • Minimizes coding cost by supporting Convention over Configuration like Ruby on Rails.
  • O/R mapping layer similar to Ruby on Rails' Active Record.
  • Key value store having java library interface which can be used as high speed cache.


Built-in clustering functionalities make constructing scalable system easy.

  • Scalable horizontal distribution by clustering.
  • Session replication and distributed cache system.

Cloud ready enterprise application foundation

Fermium and Fermion realize available and reliable cloud system.

  • Fermion
  • Fermium
  • VirtualLoad