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Multi-master SQL Database Cluster System

Fermion is a PostgreSQL compatible database cluster system. It protects data by synchronous replication and realizes scalability by multi-master replication.


  • Protects all committed data with synchronous replication.
  • Achieves read/write scalability by multi-master replication.
  • Simple cluster adiministration with only two commands; startup and shutdown.
  • Compatible with PostgreSQL applications.
Data Protection
  • Synchronous Replication
    Protects all committed data.
  • Write-set Replication
    Exact replication by using fresh data just before writing to disk.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Replicates data to remote servers to protect data from regional-scale faults.
Load balancing
  • Multi-master Replication
    Handles huge amount of requests by distributing both read and write operations across mulitple servers.
  • Synchronous read
    Data is always synchronized among the servers that guarantees consistent reply from any server.
  • Write Consistency
    Even updating the same data on multiple servers, the data can be updated without deteriorating consistency.
  • Scalability
    Server can be added to the cluster online to increase processing power.
Easy Maintenance
  • Simple Cluster Administration
    Clusters can be easily administrated by just starting or stopping the Fermion service on each server. Tasks like registering a server to a cluster, initial data synchronization, etc are carried out automatically.
  • Automatic Failover
    Whenever a failure occurs, the failed server is automatically detached from the cluster without stopping the service.
  • Dynamic Cluster Configuration
    Server can be added/removed without stopping the service. After a failure, the recovered server can be added to the cluster without stopping the service.
PostgreSQL compatibility
  • Supports PostgreSQL functions
    Supports transactions, triggers, subqueries, PL/pgSQL functions, etc.
  • Supports libpq
    Supports PostgreSQL applications built on libpq.
  • Simple DB Administration
    In the case of administration commands such as VACUUM, servers can be administrated by issuing the command on only one master server.

Product Lineup

You can build a just-fit solution for your purpose with Fermion product family.

  • Data Protection
    Fermion Core
    Kokolink Replication
  • Data protection + Read scalability
    Kokolink PostgreSpread
  • Data protection + Read scalability + Write scalability
    Fermion Core and Fermion Mirror
Seamless extension of the product

Fermion consists of two subsystems, Fermion Core and Fermion Mirror.

  • Fermion Core
    Provides data protection through synchronous replication.
  • Fermion Mirror
    Achieves scalability by multi-master replication.

If data protection is the only requisite, you can use Fermion Core alone. When the system grows and you want to extend the system, then you can add Femion Mirror.

Old Products

The following products have been released before Fermion.

  • Kokolink Replication
    Provides the same functionalities as Fermion Core and is eligible to upgrade to Kokolink PostgreSpread.
  • Kokolink PostgreSpread
    Data protection by synchronous replication and search load balancing by single-master/multi-slave technology.

You can use Kokolink PostgreSpread as a write-scalability-stripped limited version of Fermion.

  • Fermion
  • Fermium
  • VirtualLoad