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Business style

We provide services starting from the initial IT architecture design, building infrastructure, system implementation, and system operation. We aim to give our clients a total package that is comprehensive, best matched and most cost effective with highest rate of return of investment.

System integration business

We provide consulting for business client to manage business risks based on cost-benefit analysis with cash flow focusing. We not only aim to assist client to manage IT system, but also to improve the whole business operating efficiency as the goal to build an effective IT environment.

We further utilize the open source programs like Linux to reduce cost and to build and maintain highly efficient systems. We as an independent system integrator can freely choose the best solution based on client's requirement and will provide the maximum effective programs to clients as well.

Research and development business

Murakumo has talents from various fields and disciplines. We base on our research and developments to meet demands and challenges from real world scenario. We aim to provide a wide spectrum of IT solutions to the business world as it evolves constantly.

  • Fermion
  • Fermium
  • VirtualLoad